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Playground Marking

Playground Marking

We are the leading UK provider of thermoplastic playground markings.

From the initial consultation and survey, we’ll create a personalised plan of you playground complete with itemised pricing for you consideration. We aim to make designing your playground markings as simple and transparent as possible with our expert team on hand to help you with any questions you may have.

We design all of our unique graphics ‘in-house’ and our design team will bring your playground vision to life. Our team are specialists in creating thermoplastic graphics and ensuring they fit no only your space, but also your budget!

Board games can help develop strategic and mathematical skills from a young age. Children can learn to work in teams, or play alone whilst enhancing their memory and mastering the rules and boundaries of the games.

Decorate your provision with our vibrant characters and objects. These designs can be the building blocks of an underwater, jungle or safari themed area. Friendship stops and quiet areas provide a designated space for children to develop their social skills.

Sports Courts provide endless hours of play and encourage competitive sport. Our extensive rang of sports markings can be integrated into physical education lessons to inspire pupils to succeed and excel, whilst developing health and fitness.

Our range of educational markings evoke a curiosity and fascination about the world and equip children with the basic tools for life.

Letter games help to teach children basic skills to assist with literacy and writing. Combined with play our letter games assist with letter recognition.

Our mazes offer fantastic replay value. Children can create their own competitive games and expand their problem solving skills

The ‘Mile a Day’ is an initiative being adopted by schools throughout the UK to improve the physical, emotional and social health and well-being of their children. It is a fantastic way to allow children of all circumstances, age or ability the opportunity to be involved in a fun daily exercise.

Our number and grid games extend mathematics beyond the classroom. Mathematics is a creative and highly interconnected discipline, that is essential to everyday life and our innovative markings create a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

We can create roadways and cycle tracks to fit all shapes and sizes of playgrounds. Landmarks can be incorporated into any design and our road signs encourage road safety and awareness from a young age.

Available in any colour, our shapes and footprints are ideal for lining up, fire drills and creating routes around your play area.

Targets encourage children to interact with each other and develop their coordination and mathematical skills. Target lines can be used to increase the difficulty as children develop and can also be utilised in sports practice.

Traditional games are an essential part of any school playground and can transform your plain tarmac into a colourful and vibrant play area that will also aid your children’s learning.

Our trails develop a range of fitness skills whilst including fun graphics to stimulate children’s imaginations. All our our trails can be arranged into a layout that perfectly fits your area.

Utilising the most intricate design and cutting technology, we have created a brand new collection of 3D graphics. These innovative markings are fun and educational whilst truly brining you playground to life.