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Letter & Alphabet Playground Markings

Brighten up your playgrounds with rainbow alphabet playground markings. Encourage primary school children to learn and practice their letter learning and phonics with these creative, vibrant markings. Similar to number line markings, letter lines, spirals, and grids help children learn alphabets in a natural way, through jumping along hopscotch markings and running down trails of letters.

The School Playground Company specializes in crafting innovative and engaging thermoplastic playground markings for popular school games. Our dedicated team offers a comprehensive selection of vibrant and educational game markings designed to stimulate mental engagement and promote active play and exercise.

Our thermoplastic alphabet playground markings from The School Playground Company redefine outdoor learning. The bright colours and clear lines of each game design allow children to enjoy games for longer. This is because durable materials limit wear-and-tear. Therefore, even when children run around and step on these markings while playing, they remain vibrant to play with later.

Each range of playground markings offers a variety of options to suit your school’s needs. Brighten up your playground with a colourful learning experience in traditional letter grids or fun letter snakes or snails. Whatever your students need, our expert team is here for you.