Playground Markings


Playground Targets

Targets and goal markings on playgrounds are invaluable for enhancing children’s hand-eye coordination, a crucial aspect of their development. Thermoplastic target playground markings not only refine aim and strength but also foster socialization skills through group games.

The School Playground Company specializes in crafting innovative and engaging thermoplastic playground markings to craft games that children of all ages can enjoy. Embrace creative designs for challenges with this varied range of target playground markings. With colourful characters or simplistic markings for team games and tournaments, this range has it all. There are also options with instructions to help children understand each game, indicating which targets get them the most points. This allows children to come together to use these markings for free-play without adult instruction.

Our thermoplastic playground markings from The School Playground Company redefine outdoor learning. The bright colours and clear lines of each game design allow children to enjoy games for longer. This is because durable materials limit wear-and-tear. Therefore, even when children run around and step on these markings while playing, they remain vibrant to play with later.

Each range of playground markings offers a variety of options to suit your school’s needs. From darts boards, to four-way target markings, and even Connect-4 throwing grids, our range of colourful play markings have whatever you are looking for. Our expert team is here for you.