Musical Play

Musical Play for Schools

Musical Play can have such a positive effect on young and developing minds. Combined with all the natural elements of the great outdoors, music becomes an even more beneficial part of life. Outdoor musical instruments are innovative and sensory-stimulating and are the perfect addition to School playgrounds.

Our products are designed to encourage children to improvise when creating music. It becomes less about perfecting music and avoiding mistakes and more about exploring melodic and rhythmic sounds. Everyone has the ability to express their feelings with music, especially when it’s flexible and personal. Like most things improvisation is a skill that will improve with practice.

A musical playground captures the benefits of playing musical instruments and combines them with a natural, outdoor context. It covers both physical and emotional play whilst encouraging children to collaborate with their classmates and friends. Children who play musical instruments from a young age are given a great mental advantage.

Playing an instrument is said to increase brain power, improve memory, build confidence and teach patience. While playing outdoors promotes healthy and physical wellbeing. We have a range of individual and pre designed packages of outdoor musical instruments for School playgrounds. Click on each item below to view more details.

Musical play panel equipment combination with xylophone stand, percussion drums and various tactile musical play panels

Music Set 1

Musical play equipment combination with percussion mushrooms, rotating flower style noise maker and tree chime panels

Music Set 2

Music Set 3

Musical play equipment combination with rotating flower style noise maker and tree chime panels

Music Set 4

Musical play equipment combination with percussion mushrooms and tree chime panels

Music Set 5

Make your musical and aesthetic masterpiece by using one of our musical play panel compositions.

Making nice sounding music in the playground has never looked so good. Our range of virtuoso music panels covers percussion, bells, chimes and much more.

Our range of individual music panels that can be used individually or can be configured into different musical ensemble layouts in the playground.

Eco music is a range of musical playground equipment which has been designed with more environmental considerations whilst still looking amazing and providing lots of fun for the children.

Music is a really big part of playground environment and we have panels with lightning fast touch sensor response, great audio and superb reliability to give instant feedback and encourage more play time.

‘Generate and Play’ musical panels, the longer you turn the dynamo rotor the longer you play on our super-efficient RotoGen system. Add some human powered fun into the playground, kids love it!