Rubber Mulch


Often called Resin Bound Rubber Mulch and branded with different trade names, this is a popular safety surface in Primary Schools and Academies. if you want to achieve a natural look and appearance without the usual maintenance issues, this choice is perfect for you.

This surface is made using recycled car tyres which are then shredded into rubber bark like shreds. The rubberised bark is then put through a specialist colour coating process. We recommend using our natural colour blends as the coating will wear over a period of time – depending on levels of traffic.

'Autumn' colour red and orange rubber mulch option

BENEFITS OF Rubber Mulch

Our Rubber Mulch Surfacing is thick, strong and very flexible, which makes it the perfect solution around trees. Its a great solution in areas of the playground which there are areas of erosion around trees.

Like all of our synthetic playground surface range, Resin Bonded Rubber Mulch is porous. In fact, due to its shred like texture, it is the most porous playground surface on the market.

This in a similar way to Wetpour Rubber. We mix the Rubberised bark like material with a specialist binder and then our team trowels by hand onto a prepared sub base of stone. The surface can also be laid directly over an existing playground tarmac or concrete.