Pathways & Daily Mile Tracks

Playground Pathways

Playground pathways are available in a wide range of materials and designs. The best school pathways use durable, slip-resistant, and water-permeable materials to create safe paths for students. Create links to the playground equipment to the school playground.
Accessibility, safety, and longevity are key elements of our choice in materials. Therefore, we are able to create playground pathways for walking, playing, and running the Daily Mile

Children Running the Daily Mile

What is the Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is an initiative to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of school ages children. The program involves running for 15 minutes each day. Our Daily Mile tracks consist of a circular track around the school field or playground, allowing for multiple laps around smaller fields to allow students to complete the challenge.

To encourage students to complete this activity, we design reliable safe paths with options for fun and inventive track markings to make running fun. Our markings can be implemented as instructions at the starting line for the number of laps or direction of running. The can also add some fun to the activity with different sections for hops, skips, and jumps, introducing variety to the activity that kids will love.

Prices for Daily Mile Tracks in Schools

We will work with you to determine the finished size and layout of your School’s All Weather Track.
The price of each track depends on a variety of factors such as length, width, location. We like to price each Daily Mile track separately and prefer to carry out a site survey to discuss the options based our your specific School site and pupil requirements. We can provide you with a track budget price based on a few simple questions around the length, width and location.

Optional Extras:
We can also provide additional items such as bespoke information signs which provide students with distances etc.

Your Track Surface Options


This is a hardwearing resin bound stone and rubber system that provides an unbeatable flexible, slip-resistant and durable pathway. If flooding or puddling is a concern, this surface is fully SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant and porous.

Rubber Mulch

Recycled Rubber Shred is available in a wide range of colours to provide an attractive solution for a natural looking pathway. The resin bonded rubber is slip-resistant and bouncy to provide full accessibility while being a soft surface for activity.

Artificial Grass

Our artificial grass pathways come in a wide range of colour with choices for graphics. This material create a natural looking and feeling surface with no mud or wear from activity. For more information, see our Artificial Grass Surfacing Page.