Playground Markings

Shapes and Prints

Shapes and Prints for playgrounds

Playground shapes and prints serve a multitude of purposes for the school playground. From organizing lines during school routines to creating pathways to play areas, schools across the UK love the usefulness of these markings. Additionally, thermoplastic playground shapes are particularly effective in fostering children’s spatial awareness and motor skills development.

The School Playground Company specializes in crafting innovative and engaging thermoplastic playground markings for organising and designating areas on the school playground. Our dedicated team offers a comprehensive selection of vibrant and creative designs for trails, line separators, and even shape learning. Customisable marking designs help schools make their playgrounds unique and colourful.

Our thermoplastic playground markings from The School Playground Company redefine outdoor learning. The bright colours and clear lines of each game design allow children to enjoy games for longer. This is because durable materials limit wear-and-tear. Therefore, even when children run around and step on these markings while playing, they remain vibrant to play with later.

Each range of playground markings offers a variety of options to suit your school’s needs. Brighten up your playground with colourful markings applied in spaces as you need them to create custom designs all tailored to your students; needs. Whatever you are looking for, our expert team is here for you.