Playground Markings

3D GAmes

3D Games

Introducing our exclusive range of innovative game designs, now available at The School Playground Company. Leveraging the latest innovations in design and cutting-edge technology, we’ve crafted an innovative collection of 3D games and graphics for your playground.

Traditional playground designs such as hopscotch, snakes and ladders, and fitness trails have long been a presence on the playground. However, our team has reimagined them with vibrant 3D designs to enhance the excitement for children of any age. This range offers a bold new look that leaves a lasting visual impact on pupils and visitors alike.

Our thermoplastic playground markings from The School Playground Company redefine outdoor learning. The bright colours and clear lines of each game design allow children to enjoy games for longer. This is because durable materials limit wear-and-tear. Therefore, even when children run around and step on these markings while playing, they remain vibrant to play with later.

Each range of playground markings offers a variety of options to suit your school’s needs. Brighten up your playground with a wide range of colourful and fun activities, while also adding a whole new dimension of fun to the playground experience. Whatever your students need, our expert team is here for you