Safer Grass


Safer Grass surfacing also know simply as grass mats are the most cost effective form of school playground safety surfacing. Manufactured from rubber, they are laid directly onto established playground grass.

Our team of playground installers, tie each 1, x 1.5m rubber mat together using cable ties and then peg the edges into a channel cut into the turf. The edge is then bedded down to ensure no trip points in the playground.

rubber grass mat underneath play equipment with children crawling


If you are looking for a budget playground surface option, the grass mat system is the best. The mats require little or no ground work prior to be installed. They allow the existing playground grass to grow through the mats, giving a natural finished visual appearance. 

Our playground installation team, will lay a stabilising mesh directly onto the existing grass to ensure the larger rubber mats do not sink. The mats will then follow the existing ground level. We commonly use these mats to prevent areas of soil erosion to low level climbing frames and trim trails.

The safer grass tiles can easily be cut to fit around existing play equipment. Our grass mat system is tested to achieve a critical fall height (CFH) of up to 3m. They can be easily installed onto flat or sloping surfaces.