Playground Markings


Play Trails

At The School Playground Company, our mission is to turn playtime into a cornerstone for healthy development and learning. Drawing on over a decade of expertise, our specialized team creates and installs customized play trails designed to spark imagination, promote physical activity, and foster social skills in safe and engaging environments.

The School Playground Company specializes in crafting innovative and engaging thermoplastic playground markings. Our trails develop a range of fitness skills whilst including fun graphics to stimulate children’s imaginations. All of our trails can be arranged into a layout that perfectly fits your area.

Our thermoplastic playground markings from The School Playground Company redefine outdoor learning. The bright colours and clear lines of each game design allow children to enjoy games for longer. This is because durable materials limit wear-and-tear. Therefore, even when children run around and step on these markings while playing, they remain vibrant to play with later.

Each range of playground markings offers a variety of options to suit your school’s needs. These trails can be customised to suit your playground to combine a range of activities and games to suit your school or nursery. This is important because different schools require different markings depending on the age and ability of students, accessibility requirements, and size of the playground area. Whatever your case, our expert team is here for you.