Reading Huts

Reading huts for Primary Schools

A new edition to our outdoor classroom arsenal, our square school reading huts are the ideal outdoor cover for early years quiet spaces. These are perfect for small groups to work together and play. These outdoor cabins for schools include bench seating, options panelling designs and a waterproof reading canopy roof to keep young learners dry and safe.

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Mini Reading Hut - 2x2 m

children inside a square wooden play house gazebo with artificial grass interior and benches in a Nottinghamshire school playground

Medium Hut - 3x3 m

Large Hut - 4x4 m

Our Reading Huts are a perfect place for children to socialise or have a quiet read during playtime. Floor, Bench seating, chalkboard/whiteboard, side panels, and back panels are all customisable. Speak with our team to see what we can do for you

hexagonal open-sided wooden gazebo

Standard Square Gazebos

square open sided gazebo shelter with giant white board

Large Square Gazebos

hexagonal open-sided wooden gazebo


hexagonal semi-enclosed wooden gazebo with benches and sloped roof


large semi-enclosed wooden gazebo with benches and sloped roof

Extended Hexagonal Gazebos

large open sided wooden gazebo with slanted roof

Large Extended Hexagonal Gazebos

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