The Importance Of Arts In Primary Schools

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The recent pandemic has contributed to art being put on the back seat. There is pressure to ensure children catch up with all the core subjects. Art lessons are relegated to extra curriculum activities. The debate about the importance of art continues. This blog can only touch the surface, but here at The School Playground Company believe it is essential … Read More

A Playground For All Ages

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Today’s modern playgrounds need to offer children an outlet for their energy with physical activity and encourage social interaction, creativity, problem-solving, and contact and interaction with nature. To enable this to happen, you have to ensure that age-appropriate equipment is available and accessible to all the children.  Playgrounds need to engage all your pupils by being inclusive and accessible. They … Read More

How To Make Your School Playground More Fun And Exciting

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School playgrounds are an integral part of a students day. Time spent in the playground plays a significant role in a child’s development. It’s a time to decompress let off steam, which is beneficial to everyone when they go back into the classrooms less hyper and more inclined to focus on the lessons. A school playground is also a place … Read More

The Benefits Of Outdoor Gym Equipment

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Children need to blow off steam; we all know this. Otherwise, they become fatigued, bored, restless, naughty, inattentive. The list goes on as many parents and teachers will know. However, avoiding all these troublesome outcomes is easy, especially with outdoor gym equipment and the experience of the School Playground Company. To help in determining if your school would benefit from … Read More

4 Key Features for a New Playground

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Playgrounds are an integral part of a child’s educational journey, having an essential role in encouraging life skills, creative play and social skills. Long gone are the days of hard, unforgiving, expensive-to-maintain tarmac. Instead, today’s playgrounds are safe, friendly, children-centric areas where create play is encouraged and supported.  Safety Features Skinned knees or broken bones from falling on tarmac or … Read More

Benefits of Trim Trails for Schools

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At The School Playground Company, our most popular range of outdoor playground equipment is the timber adventure trail or trim trail as they are more commonly known. We look at the benefits of trim trails in Schools. For many years Schools have invested in playground equipment such as an obstacle course or trim trails for their outdoor spaces. Timber trim … Read More

Booking an Appointment Online is Simple!

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Book your new School playground design today! We have now made booking an appointment with us really simple using our new online booking tool . Our booking form takes seconds to complete. Are you a busy Primary School teacher that would like a design for your School playground? Or a School Business Manager/Nursery Manager looking for a quick quote for … Read More