6 Top Features for a Fun and Active Playground

Fitting out your playground with equipment, toys, structures and playground apparatus requires a focus on more than just play, but fostering an environment for exploration, education, and self-discovery!

Develop a fun and active playground that caters to everything growing children need with The School Playground Company’s school playground design guide’s top 9 recommendations…

1.   Active Play Equipment

From climbing walls and towers to trim trails and bespoke play structures with ladders, ropes, and slides, there is a world of options for developing a play space that provides a full active play education for kids of all ages.

With a modular and customisable approach to the design of our trim trails for schools, you can choose the elements you can fit in your playground space to cover a wider range of activity. Balancing, jumping, swinging, and climbing are encouraged in the challenging design of the trim trail encouraging fun, while also focusing on gross motor skills important for childhood development.

Children enjoying playing together on a large wooden trim trail with stepping obstacles and tire swings

2.   Sports Areas and Kids Gym Sets

Sports and gym equipment is a great way to integrate fitness into play outside of PE lessons. Providing a wide variety of sports and exercise options with Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) and multi gyms puts the power in students’ hands to develop healthy habits with fun outdoor play and exercise.

Multi sport equipment as well as outdoor gym sets can be made suitable for primary schools when developed with children’s safety in mind. Fun fitness equipment with safety stop features like the sky stepper and ski slalom walker are beneficial to cardiovascular fitness without putting undue pressure or strain on young muscles or joints.

3.   Sensory Equipment

Although approaching play in a completely different way, sensory walls and tactile games are just as important and stimulating as larger active playground structures. Rather than a focus on gross motor skills and physical development, our range of play panels and other outdoor sensory toys provide a space for fine motor skills to develop.

Children engage with sensory equipment in a variety of ways, touching, turning, and feeling different textures, shapes, as well as appreciating the fun colours and even mirror elements of our visually stimulating outdoor sensory walls and pay panels.

4.   Equipment for all ages

Playtime equipment should be made available for children of all ages and abilities. This is why when designing your playground, accessibility and inclusivity should be a part of all decisions.

Our mini trim trails are designed to provide the same fun challenges as the regular sized trim trail equipment to EYFS children. This allows young children to develop their gross motor skills at their own pace and get used to the balancing, jumping, and climbing activities before graduating to larger adventure trim trail equipment. This is a great playground idea for primary schools as it provides children of all ages with options for active play exploration with suitable equipment first, rather than using larger apparatus that can be hazardous when used incorrectly.

5.   Waterproof Shelter

We all know how unpredictable weather can be in the UK, but your students shouldn’t have to sacrifice play to avoid the rain! This is where our amazing range of waterproof shelters come in.

Our gazebo range is very popular, with waterproofed roofs, optional decking or carpeting, and even windows and play panels able to be fitted to the sides, you can create a fun and engaging wooden shelter for children to play, learn, and relax out of the rain

Sail canopies are also a great playground feature that provides rain and sun cover for larger areas while maintaining an open space for play and learning out on the playground.

6.   Playground Safety surfacing

Underpinning all of these elements must be a focus on safety. Active play equipment, sports areas, and other playground equipment can pose risks of falling or slipping that without proper safety surfacing considerations can be harmful.

This is why alongside our amazing playground equipment, The School Playground Company installs playground safety surfacing like rubber mulch, grass mats, and wet pour surfaces that are certified by British Standards to protect from reasonable falls and engineered with shock absorbent design.

Missing Anything on Your School Playground?

If your play area is lacking in any of these areas, now is the ideal time to embrace the variety available in outdoor play. Book a call with our expert team by filling out the form specifying which equipment you are interested in, and we’ll get in touch to get you closer to creating your perfect playground.

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