Team-Building with Sports and Kids’ Gym Equipment Packages

We know schools can struggle to meet the physical education national curriculum. Therefore, we strive to provide high-quality kids’ gym equipment packages designed for collaboration, social fun, and fitness.

children using an outdoor gym equipment set

Exercising teamwork games are at their best with quality outdoor fitness equipment designed for children’s physical development at 5-7 years. This includes:

  • Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)
  • Daily Mile Tracks
  • Gym Equipment for schools

Here’s how you can improve team building PE games on your playground by investing in quality outdoor fitness equipment designed with schools and students in mind.

Benefits of Teamwork in Fitness and Sports Activities

Teaching students the importance of teamwork and communication is important in all areas of education, but is especially useful to encourage during playground activities.

Research supports that the release of endorphins in physical exercise reduces stress levels and improves mood. Additionally, the increased adrenaline can improve confidence. This results in a more open, friendly atmosphere when exercising and playing sports with others, which can aid healthy socialisation, especially in young children

Here are some of the main impacts of active teamwork activities on social development in addition to the benefits to physical health.

Children using tai chi disks as part of a social outdoor gym equipment set for kids


Team sports subconsciously develop children’s communication and collaboration skills while they are playing and having fun. Strategies and different player positions in friendly competition create an environment with a shared goal that requires effective, clear communication and fair decision-making.

children using strength challenge outdoor gym equipment for kids


When students use outdoor multi-gym equipment and multi-sport equipment they learn to share time and equipment with others. This develops some of the most important life-skills that children need as they grow.

Different sports and exercises focus on different parts of physical fitness. Therefore, multiple different areas of equipment are required for a balanced, holistic period of exercise. Therefore, sharing and turn-taking activities like circuit training with short bursts of different activities are a great way to meet exercise requirements that take care of the entire body.


Encouraging accessible sports and inclusive playground equipment is important to teach children respect and diversity. Working as a team of mixed ability in a sport is a uniquely beneficial experience in this way. Teamwork games should accommodate different sporting abilities to ensure all children get a full active experience. Team sports with multiple different roles utilise each individual’s skills and abilities to encourage working as a team.

Children using dual sky stepper outdoor gym equipment for kids

Multi Use Games Areas

School MUGAs make great sports options for the playground as they can incorporate a range of sports, allowing each student to discover and practice a sport that they thrive in and enjoy most. Even in areas with minimal space, MUGAs can provide a variety of sports equipment. All areas of the UK physical education national curriculum can be met with this varied equipment.

Multi Use Gym Area with basketball net, hockey or football goal, play markings and fence

Basketball hoops, football goals, hockey markings, and even tennis nets available as part of a well-equipped MUGA. This enables your PE lessons or students’ free play to integrate different gross motor skills and movements for a full active education. No student gets left out of their favorite sport when a range of sports options are provided. This equipment encourages involvement in teams that helps students make friends and socialize.

Daily Mile Tracks

The Daily Mile initiative has encouraged over 4 million children around the world, including 10,000 UK schools. Running tracks encourage children to develop their fitness each day. The goal is for children to progressively improve their overall health and enjoying the fresh air.

This allows children to run or walk the mile at their own pace but with a common goal shared between everyone. Providing a safe track with fun and instructional playground markings along the way creates a shared space for exercise where children can push their limits and encourage each other to keep going.

Children running on a paved Daily Mile track through some trees
Child using rowing machine outdoor gym equipment for kids

MultiGym sets

The School Playground Company offers inclusive, varied options for fitness as part of our multiple packages of gym equipment for primary schools. Providing a social space for all different forms of exercise is a great sports premium spending idea to benefit PE lessons and break times.

Emphasising teamwork games and collaboration on MultiGym Sets encourages experimentation and fun while exercising. Circuit training around the different school gym equipment pieces or a team relay race for each member to complete 20 reps on their individual section are just some of the ideas to promote sharing through fitness.

Kids’ gym equipment packages are accessible to a range of age groups while effectively targeting different areas of fitness. Children of all ages and abilities can get involved due to the child-friendly design and safety stop systems. They can exercise at their own pace as the speed and resistance of the equipment are controlled by their movements.

How can The School Playground Company help you?

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