Trim Trails- the Perfect Equipment for any Children’s Play Area!

Timber trim trails have been a key piece of outdoor playground equipment in children’s play areas for over 30 years. Trim Trails are great playground items to encourage a range of active play education opportunities for all ages through fitness playground games for primary schools and imaginative and varied play.

The design of any trim trail has to provide for a range of active play motions and be appropriate for all ages who may be using the play area. Balance, clambering, and jumping components are part of a flowing playground design in the trim trail structure to create an effective and varied obstacle course that meets a range of play values for all!

Keep reading our guide to Trim Trails and discover which elements of the trim trail are right for you and your playground project and find out more to inspire new activities and games for your playground equipment.

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Timber trim trail with balance beams and rope bridge

Key Components for Trim Trails

Balance Beams

This basic obstacle element can be installed in creative ways with varied slopes and zig-zag designs to provide a play experience to test the balance of children from even the early years of development. The height of the beam also allows for gentle exercises to be performed, such as stretches, tricep dips, and lunges, perfect for the healthy physical development 5-7 year-olds can benefit from.

Wooden balance beam positioned low to the ground with criss-crossed markings for slip-resistance

Stepping logs

These round timber play fixtures are able to link different elements of outdoor playground equipment fixtures together as part of the trim trail or adventure trail with a fun activity. This allows children to build their coordination and push their limits in a unique way, jumping and leaping engage different muscles than many other typical parts of active play, so including these seemingly simple trim trail equipment features provides a range of fitness opportunities.

Wooden stepping logs on longer poles for support

Wobbly Bridges and Timber Walkways

Net and Rope bridges are great for developing gross motor skills and balance, especially for young children. Our design team can customise these trim trail components for bespoke play for any age group, with handrails for early years outdoor play equipment, emphasising safety. Playground bridges can also pose more of a dynamic challenge for improving balance and physical development of 5-7-year-olds with the Burma Bridge or net bridge components designed for older kids.

Wooden trim trail wobbly rope bridge

Climbing Equipment

Implementing more challenging components such as monkey bars or hand-over-hand obstacles can become a filter for younger children to avoid more intense areas of the trim trail to improve safety.

School playgrounds for multiple age groups require this consideration to promote safe play while still presenting an opportunity for a diverse array of active play to meet different areas of physical development through clambering, climbing, jumping, and more!

Wooden trim trail climbing component


Popular among any age group, this playground item engages with children’s natural curiosity to encourage imaginative play and fun while providing variety and activity on many different levels. The design of these net crawl-through tunnels also allows for safe play with full visibility from the outside for full supervision.

wooden trim trail item rope tunnel installed onto artificial grass surfacing

Play Inspirations

Time trials on trim trails

Get the blood pumping with obstacle course races and see how fast kids can get from one end to the other. This is a great way to introduce your trim trial to your students and develop their cardiovascular fitness and gross motor skills. It can also be a fun method to introduce early years and nursery students to counting this summer in preparation for Primary School.

Dynamic Storytelling and Imaginative Play

The varied and fun elements of a trim trail set are perfect for encouraging self-directed, imaginative play among children of all ages. Children can either develop their independence and imagination by telling their own stories through active play, or work with others to develop communication and invent a collaborative narrative of adventure. Incorporating Trim Trails into children’s play options is sure to inspire storytelling and exploration!

child climbing A frame wooden play panel component

Relay Races

To further encourage collaboration and teamwork skills why not set up a relay tournament among classes on the Trim Trail? Each student can cover a section of equipment each and time how fast they can get through the entire trail compared to other groups. A fantastic idea for a PE warm-up session for a fun team competition!

Safety Assurances

Slip Resistance

The surface of the trim trail timber has a cross-hatch design to remove risks of slipping to reduce risks of falling and slipping. However, in rainy weather, we do not recommend unaccompanied play, especially for younger children or intensive active play activity.

Safety Surfacing

In addition to high-quality playground equipment, The School Playground Company also provides a range of playground safety surfacing options to reduce the risks of playground injuries. Health and safety considerations are top of our priorities for all of our playground installation projects so our materials are guaranteed to be non-toxic, durable, and provide suitable fall protection.

Underneath trim trails, we highly recommend the installation of safe grassmats, rubber mulch surfacing, or rubber chippings for play areas with lower falls. These rubber playground surface options provide a cushioning layer of soft play flooring to reduce the risks of falls that come from active play.


The best materials for the ideal trim trial are high-quality, splinter-proof treated wood and durable rope and netting. Our expert playground installation team ensures this on all of our playground projects with safety checks and dedication to the best play value possible. We also provide playground repairs and refurbishments to maintain safety for all playground equipment, even if it was not installed or designed by us!

before and after image of timber climbing frame in a school repaired

Would your school playground design benefit from a Trim Trail?

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