The Benefits of Wooden Playground Equipment for Schools

wooden climbing slope

Embrace the environment with sturdy, long-lasting wooden playground equipment for schools. Modern playground design specialists are returning to traditional materials … but with a new twist! Our amazing innovations in wooden playground equipment for schools improve the security, sustainability, longevity, and aesthetics of all our equipment.

The Benefits of Our Wooden Play Materials

Returning to traditional playground materials with modern standards of construction and treatments to the wood. Plastic equipment can be thin and become brittle with changing weather conditions and over-use.

The School Playground Company’s Outdoor Classrooms, Trim Trials, and Active Play Equipment use a variety of high-quality wood chosen specifically for each use. Our innovative use provides many benefits to our wooden equipment, including:

  • Unmatched durability
  • Resistance to moisture, decay and pests
  • Splinter-free surfaces
  • Smooth to the touch feel
  • Sustainable material (School Playground Company sources our wood from PEFC certified suppliers)
  • Adding a traditional, authentic aesthetic to your playground
sanding wooden beam for our playground equipment in the workshop
sanded and cut wooden beams and planks

Wooden School Canopies and Timber Shelters

The School Playground Company provides a range of bespoke playground shelters including gazebos, playhouses, creative dens, and canopy designs. Our wooden shelters use premium PlayGuard Radiata timbers for a smooth and splinter-free finish.

Weatherproofing your Roofing

We use Glulam timber for the sloped roof of our gazebos, with additional protection from waterproof lining. Our team can also add our water-tight roof shingles to better weatherproof your gazebo.

With different colour options and a variety of materials, our shingle rooves are a truly unique innovation to keep your outdoor classroom exciting, but most of all safe and dry. Western Red Cedar shingles are naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, another advantage of a wooden shelter. This keeps maintenance costs down and protects your gazebo roof for longer.

wooden interior of large gazebo roof with wooden cross beams

Premium Oak Gazebos

A natural-looking outdoor space should be built to last. Therefore, we make our premium oak gazebos from 100% European Green Oak. We then construct the gazebo with traditional jointing to create a sturdy, and long-lasting structure.

For more on your timber Gazebo options and information on our range of outdoor classrooms, explore our Outdoor Classroom Brochure.

Wooden Adventure Playground Equipment

Get creative with clean wooden designs across our range of bespoke playground equipment perfect for active adventure play experiences. Made with the best wooden engineering and combined securely with a variety of other durable play elements like ropes and climbing walls, your students can get active in a whole new way!

Play on wooden playground equipment for school children - trim trail equipment

Trim Trail Materials

The timber used in our trim trails is chosen, designed to last, and engineered with precision. Our laminated timber is a combination of multiple layers of strong timber bonded together with high-strength adhesives to create one solid and stable piece of timber.

This technique improves the durability and longevity of your wooden play structures and equipment beyond traditional methods of play construction. Due to the high-strength binding and lamination process, moisture is unable to get into the wood, reducing risks of dampness, mould, and other forms of decay that can cause splinters and other hazards.

Safe Play

Traditional wood play equipment has been improved as playground design has modernised. Nonslip markings, smooth-to-the-touch textures, and secure fastenings between sections create a safer space for active fun.

Cross-hatching on the wooden beams and logs used in our trim trail designs is a cost-effective and non-intrusive method to create grip and prevent slips. Care should naturally still be taken on wooden playground equipment when wet, but this method reduces risks to users in most conditions.

cross hatched trim trail beam for extra grip
slip resistant coating on wooden steps

Upgrade your School Playground with Outdoor Wooden Play Equipment

Does your wooden playground equipment has issues with breakages and splintering? We are here to help you repair and replace it with our top-quality materials, even if we are not the ones who originally installed by us! The School Playground Company are top UK commercial wooden playground equipment designer and supplier ready to help you extend the life of your playground with innovative materials.

Get in touch with us to discuss your options and how you can benefit from a modern look at traditional play equipment and materials. You can book an appointment or request a quick quote from us today with our handy contact form at the top of the page.

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