How Children Benefit from an Active Play Education

Outdoor play should be fun and engaging for all kids, and it can also have great health and wellbeing impacts. As a dedicated playground equipment provider, we know the best ways to encourage outdoor play for children of all ages.

A playground with a variety of wooden play equipment

Here are some of the reasons why we and our clients value outdoor play areas so much…

Health Benefits

A dedication to active play education throughout all outdoor learning has amazing health impacts. Playground provision including a range of types of exercise and active play equipment is important to meet the physical education national curriculum. Studies find that only half of children meet physical activity guidelines in the UK. Therefore, improving your fitness provisioning is essential to meet requirements for excellence through outdoor learning.

Our Outdoor Gym Equipment Ranges combine to create Multi Gym combinations that target the movement of the whole body. The Activ8 Multi Gym Combination includes:

  • The Double Health walker and Slalom Skiers for cardiovascular whole-body movement
  • The double Waist Twister for core flexibility.
  • Tai Chi elements for coordination
  • The Arm pedal bike for wheelchair-inclusive upper body strength.

Find out more about our exercise equipment range in our Outdoor Fitness Brochure [pdf].

Children using an outdoor gym combination set with a range of fitness activities

In addition to providing structured outdoor fitness sets, other play equipment can promote a variety of play values key to a fun and active playground. Aerobic fitness can be developed through any sort of active movement. So why not make that movement fun and appeal to kids and their interest in independent play?

Different types of movement such as running, clambering, balancing, crawling, and jumping engage different muscle groups and involve various gross motor skills. These areas of fitness are essential to the healthy development of young people. We recommend installing Active Play Structures to encourage this varied activity in children’s free time This provides the opportunity to extend physical education outside of structured lesson time and involve more fun!

Versatile and varied exercise is best for the holistic fitness of children of any age, and ensuring full accessibility to any skill level with child-appropriate exercises can create the best environment for healthy development.

Appreciating Nature

Being outside to experience and appreciate nature in early childhood is invaluable to developing a wider understanding of our world.

Especially as Spring is emerging, give your students wider opportunities to engage in learning outdoors. This provides a wide range of values to their education and personal growth. Nature play and den-building activities as part of our sensory, imaginative, and creative play products let kids get involved in a hands-on approach to nature and the environment. This encourages students to explore in new ways, educating them on self-sufficiency and creativity.

Nature-based playground design is also an amazing way to encourage play with a curiosity approach in outdoor areas. By giving kids space to play in self-directed activity, you can promote intellectual development in natural ways outside of the classroom, bringing variety into the school environment.

Water wall sensory large play panel with nature design and movable plastic tubing

Providing Variety

Keeping students indoors all day can limit engagement and interest by reducing the variation in their education. The world outside of the classroom is huge and varied. Why not make the most of it? We provide educational play panels and games for primary schools that use movement, outdoor space, and natural curiosity, maximising student attention.

Moving an afternoon class outdoors can help beat the ‘almost hometime boredom’ and assist in children’s learning through outdoor learning. Providing safe, varied, and exciting outdoor space to play and learn is the first step to expanding the classroom experience into the great outdoors!

Outdoor classrooms can come in many shapes, sizes, and designs to suit your needs, from colourful school canopies, to bespoke waterproof timber gazebos, and much more! Discover your options in our Outdoor Classroom Brochure [pdf].

wooden play house style square gazebo

Shelters and outdoor seating areas can create an amazing opportunity for a range of activities for education and fun. Our gazebos come with the option to install our giant whiteboard or chalkboard play panels to carry on your regular lessons in a new space in the fresh air. Other play panels for musical play, artistic expression, and maths and phonics learning can additionally be installed in these spaces, offering students the ability to engage in the educational play activities they wish to.

How can The School Playground Company help you?

Your outdoor space, no matter the size, can benefit from diversity and variation in your playground design. The School Playground company aims to help you provide your students with fun opportunities and equipment to enhance their outdoor play and make the most of their time outside for health, education, and extracurricular development.

If you think our products are right for your playgrounds continue to browse our website. You can also contact us today for more information on how we can help.

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