Fun Autumn Activities for Kids to Explore this Season

How Can You Get Your Students Out-and-About this Autumn?

As students get back into the swing of things in schools, it is important to create an interesting, fun outdoor space. Children’s Autumn activities can vary from educational explorations in forest schools, to making collages with autumn leaves, or even just jumping and running through leaf piles.

This is because Playgrounds act as an outlet for student stress and a place to explore creativity, imagination, and fun. Also, the outdoor fun should be able to continue even as the weather begins to turn over the next few months. There is so much to explore on the playground this season!

We are here to help you make the most of this special season on your playground.

Sensory Adventures and the Curiosity Approach to Autumn Activities

Changing colours and crunching leaves are a unique sensory backdrop to outdoor play in the Autumn season. As they develop, children benefit from sensory play experiences. These help them understand their interactions with their surroundings and work on communication skills.

Combine Autumn sensory play ideas with educational outdoor play equipment and playground lesson plans for a fun way to explore curiosity and independence in play. Organise a scavenger hunt for different elements of nature, finding different kinds of leaves and taking bark rubbings. This activity encourages outdoor learning and the exploration of all the season has to offer. Additionally, with our educational play panels, students can explore self-directed learning, identifying different types of leaves to learn about their local environment.

Even small actions like crunching leaves in Autumn messy play sessions offer sensory stimulation. This is a great way to encourage inclusive play among students. Sensory exploration is particularly beneficial to neurodiverse children, especially those with autism. Providing a safe space to explore these sensory adventures allows every child a space to play in their own way.

Forest School Autumn Craft Activities

Autumn messy play can extend into creative play and art when children are given the right tools and environments to express themselves. Outdoor art lessons can inspire students with multimedia creations using nature. A great Autumn craft activity for EYFS students to begin to explore art is creating an Autumn leaf collage, embracing nature in their creativity.

Schools should provide children with the opportunity to explore learning at their own pace to be fully accessible adn inclusive to all. This is because they can help children with learning difficulties gain independence, empowering them to engage in learning and healthy social interaction.

Understanding different ways to learn is vital to providing a fulfilling school environment for every child. Our sensory and creative playground equipment including play panels and music sets provide opportunities for various forms of learning and fun through stimulating activity on the playground.

In the Autumn, it is important to encourage exploration, fun and active playground activities in a safe and secure environment. Therefore we have designed our outside classrooms, shelters, canopies, and gazebos to become a great home base for any class activity out on the playground. With design and installation bespoke to your needs and requirements, our team can fit your outside classrooms with educational outdoor play equipment for valuable outdoor lesson opportunities

Getting Active with Fun Playground Games for Primary Schools

Exercise and activity encourage healthy socialisation among children, especially important for new school starters. Collaborative games involving storytelling, teamwork, and physical activity build social skills crucial to making friends and gaining confidence.

Playground Autumn activities and games should be mainly self-directed in order to encourage a free-play, curiosity-centred approach. Schools should provide a range of playground equipment that allows for different games, activities, and fun for all children. This includes accessible active play structures such as EYFS trim trails for smaller children to jump and clamber on, safe and slip-resistant pathways and running tracks for children to race and play even in non-ideal conditions, and quiet areas to relax and cool down after activity.

Explore your Options to Enhance your Playground this Autumn.

Autumn is the perfect time for children to explore new experiences, both with their own creativity, and building connections with peers. School playgrounds need to do their best to provide a healthy and varied environment for play year-round, why not start this season?

Discover how we can help you develop a holistic, active, fun playground by booking an appointment with us or getting your Free Quick Quote.

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