Custom Sail Shades – Playground Shelters for Schools

Sail shades are freestanding shelters with open sides. The School Playground Company designs and installs custom sail shades. These bespoke outdoor sail canopies create open, shaded play spaces or outdoor classrooms for a range of purposes. We recommend schools and nurseries of any size use sail shades to create shaded spaces without impeding on your open playground spaces.

You can find a full breakdown of outdoor sail shade customisation options and our whole range of outdoor classrooms in our new Outdoor Classroom Brochure.

Large triangular blue playground sail shade

Shape of the Sails

Custom sail shades are available in triangular or square configurations. This provides safe sun and rain cover for any shape of playground. Our installations team positions the shaped canvas at a specific angle and height to best protect the playground below. Suspended on sturdy posts, the sail creates a shaded play space where children can play without harmful direct sun exposure.

The choice in shape for your sail shade allows for a customised play or lesson space with seating, play equipment, and safe surfacing. Often, we install multiple sail shades together to create larger shelters for more students. Triangular shades installed at angles are a great option to fit together for a tent-like structure for play areas with more space.

Triangular blue sail shade over picnic benches

Size Requirements

Our custom sail shades offer made-to-measure outdoor sail canopy shelters designed to meet your specifications and needs. Get in touch with our team to discuss your bespoke sail shade options and a free quote.

Our standard sail shades are available in a range of sizes and styles. These include:

  • Triangular 3m sides
  • Triangular 4m sides
  • Triangular 5m sides
  • Triangular 6m sides
  • Square 3m sides
  • Square 4m sides
  • Square 6m sides

Custom Colour Choices

With around 40 colours available, these shelters can match the style of any playground. A vibrant or dark sail shade can create an amazing gathering area that stands out and brings something different to the playground.

Darker or more natural shades are popular for green spaces. We provide a wide range of blues and subdued shades perfect to offset lawns and school fields. Additionally, these colours can provide an extra feeling of cool under the shade due to the psychological effects of darker hues.

Nurseries and primary schools may also wish to brighten up their playgrounds with vibrant colours. Reds, yellows, and oranges provide an exciting and different space on the playground than other more naturalistic shelters. This creates a shaded area that kids enjoy spending time near, protecting them from the sun.

Yellow Square Sail Shade

Versatile Materials

We specially design and engineer our versatile outdoor shade canopies to protect from sun and rain. Therefore, any material choice will result in an opaque, waterproof shelter. We use high-quality materials to guarantee an effective, reliable shelter that will last for years to come.

Depending on your site’s bespoke needs, sails use breathable marine-grade fabric or PVC shades. We design both of these materials to provide resilient, UV-resilient, waterproof shelters to protect from the elements. Layers of Teflon and polyurethane coating effectively insulate and waterproof the materials for a uniquely versatile shelter.

Custom Sail Shades are the Perfect Solution for the Summer

Keep students safe and secure with a new, non-disruptive shelter from The School Playground Company. For more on the benefits of sail shades read our new summer safety blog.

Explore your options by talking to our team about our huge range of sail shades with standard or custom installation options.

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