Why Do We Use Glulam Timber Structures in Our Wooden Shelters?

Wooden shelters and timber structures should be a consistent, safe, and secure place on the school playground. Whichever type of shelter, large or small, a covered, multi-use space is a great investment for any space where children need a place to read, play, and rest.

To provide our clients with the best quality shelters that will remain a central feature of their play areas for years to come, The School Playground Company’s in-house team provides professional construction services and premium timber materials for all of our shelters.

What Are Glulam Timber Structures?

Our construction experts use glulam timber for all wooden shelter projects to ensure they are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting. Glulam timber is the ideal wood for professional constructions in external spaces. This is because the material is anti-damp, durable material designed for waterproof shelters.

Glued, laminated timber, or Glulam is a structurally engineered wood product that combines the strength of the durable adhesive glue and the layers of wood laminated and compressed in each beam and plank. As well as strength, the lamination process for the timber gives the surface a smooth finish. This means that the premium timber is suitable for use in support structures, external features, and internal seating or flooring for any shelter design.

The Benefits of Using the Best Timber in Our Structures and Shelters


The grain of the wood layers in each piece of Glulam timber is designed to optimise the strength of the material and ensure it lasts for years to come. The stability and reliability of the wood used enable our construction experts to create large structures with precision without other structural supports.


Using wood as the primary material in creating outdoor classroom structures is important for the sustainability of the project. We use durable timber for a longer structural lifetime. This ensures that replacements are not required, and repairs are minimal for a number of years.

This means that natural wood is a much more sustainable choice than brick, plastics, or other non-renewable materials. Also, using natural material provides a natural look to the playground structure that can blend in with the rest of the outdoor area for a great aesthetic effect.


The lamination of the wood creates water-tight structures that do not have issues with dampness or molding. The glued laminate solution used to create Glulam timber seals the wood to not let in any moisture or contaminates that can lead to problems further down the line. External surfaces like roofs, walls, and deck flooring that will be in contact with water keep the rain out of the shelter for a dry, insulated environment within the structure.

Professional Construction Services for our Wooden Shelters

The in-house construction of the wooden shelter components utilise the skill of our team to combine the strengths of Glulam timber with the expert designs of our outdoor classrooms. Prior to installation, we construct elements of the structures, like walls, benches, and some roofs. We then combine these on-site with the space available and the purpose of the shelter taken into account.

The joinings of each wood beam are an important aspect of ensuring structural integrity for the shelter. Timber beams are hand-cut to slot together firmly and securely for the best internal support for each wall and rafter. Our team recesses and covers any screws in each of these joins for a seamless effect. Additionally, this technique helps to remove the splinter risks that screw holes can create if not properly sanded and covered.

Creating a full timber roof requires a smart design for a stable, and aesthetically pleasing shelter for the seating area inside the gazebo structure. Our shelters use multiple timber rafters and beams, supported by upright pillars and customisable wall panels. These are made of the same Glulam timber material so any design of shelter is kept safe and dry.

Get your own Premium Timber Structures from The School Playground Company

Discover the possibilities available with premium timber structures with The School Playground Company. We design our outdoor classrooms as multi-use spaces for play and learning. Therefore, we use only the best materials for a safe, sheltered playground feature.

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