Play Panels: Perfect Playground Ideas for Primary School Children

A fun and active playground can now be educational and creative with Play Panels from The School Playground Company!

We all know kids love to get stuck in with independent play. So why not put their education and fine motor skill development in the hands of your students on the playground? With sensory and educational play panels, playground ideas for primary school children are endless!

A variety of playground equipment is vital to a school playground design built around comprehensive play provisioning. This means that you provide a range of playground games for primary school children to assist and supplement the school curriculum. But also that school playgrounds need to include early years outdoor play equipment for sensory stimulation, promoting the development of fine motor skills throughout a child’s school life.

4 red music set play panels on a playground fence with animal playground markings

What makes Play Panels such Good Playground Ideas for Primary School Equipment?

Children need to be surrounded by opportunities for experience and education at all stages of development. This promotes healthy and full development. Play is the perfect motivator to inspire independent learning from an early age. And this is just one of the reasons why play is important in the early years of education.

Play Panels can be easily integrated into your playground on existing structures. The hard-wearing HDPE play panels use bright colours to appeal to childhood interests while also providing educational and creative activities.

The playground design of our wide range of panels focuses on acting both as outdoor sensory wall panels promoting inclusive and unique play values and experiences, while also being premier educational outdoor play equipment for a range of subjects.

Promoting Independent Learning

Play Panels have unique and distinct focuses on different aspects of learning, from UK maps to time and date learning, our Educational Play Panels are designed to integrate learning into the fun of your playground.

You can also tailor your playground design to match each school subject with a combo of our selective range of educational play equipment for schools!

Phonics Play and Letter Learning

Putting this core aspect of language learning into a fun and brightly coloured environment is a great way for kids to develop their learning at their own pace.

We design Letters and Words Play Panels to meet the needs of primary school education through relatable playground games for primary schools. Introduce reading to your early years students through play and build collaborative, team-building activities. Our designs include animal name ladder letter games, snake outline alphabet tools, and even phonics trees complete with chalkboard!

Sunflower sums maths play panel with green flower outline on yellow background with various numbers and maths symbols, and a black chalkboard panel with sums written on it

Maths Mastery Play Panels

Fun with numbers and sums with our maths-based play panels are fantastic playground ideas for primary school children. They can bring various levels of maths learning to students of all ages.

We recommend a range of Maths Mastery Play Panels for learning simple sums, shapes, counting, and more complex calculations. See how your students progress in their numeracy skills as they make their way around the different levels of maths. You can even use these panels in class-wide playground projects to complete various maths problems the fastest!

Scientific Sensory Equipment

Encourage experimentation through play in brand new, unique playground games for schools in our range of messy play equipment, and educational Science, and Sensory Panels!

Children of all ages benefit from tactile stimulation in the playground, play panels give the perfect opportunity for this through a focus on fine motor skill development, but can also add an extra boost of science and fun in these seemingly simple play items!

Children can investigate physics and the world around them with a variety of tactile playground designs to bring new play values and inspiration for science into their time outside.

Inclusion is also important across all of our ranges of playground equipment. Therefore, we design high-quality sensory experiences in our play panels to provide a range of experiences children can have on the playground. For more on sensory inclusion as a vital aspect of playground design check out our blog explaining all parts of inclusive play?

Science gear play panel, 3 series of coloured gears labelled A, B, C
Paint Station Play Panel with white paint area and blue, red, and green paint pots

Art Activities & Mark Making

The popularity of our Arts and Crafts Play Panels shows the importance of art and teaching art in primary schools across the country. Playground paint stations, giant chalkboards, white boards, and all of our fun, creative, and collaborative play panels bring art to the outdoors!

Children can use these playground items for a variety of purposes. From individual and group self-expression to outdoor education opportunities, students can make the most of this equipment in their own way,

In addition to art, children can pursue various playground games based on acting and music to further express creativity! Role-play panels as part of our Shops and Counters Range make great props in student-directed or larger group play.

Our Musical Play Equipment is also great to use alongside more traditional play panels. These add a soundtrack of creativity and fun to any school playground. With a wide range of music sets for multiple age groups, anybody can get creative!

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