How Create an Exciting & Fun School Playground

School playgrounds are an integral part of a student’s day. So why not help them enjoy it with a fun school playground design?

Time spent in the playground plays a significant role in a child’s development. It’s a time to decompress let off steam, which is beneficial to everyone when they go back into the classrooms less hyper and more inclined to focus on the lessons. A school playground is also a place where they learn to communicate with others, alongside learning social skills. It’s also the time for serious creative play, plus organising and managing their own time. So how can you make your school playground area conducive to what you want your students to achieve?

Add Traditional Game Marking

Use a flat surface area to add the markings of some fun games like hopscotch, Tic-Tac-Toe or snakes and ladders. These games encourage cognitive development and social skills in a fun, relaxing way. If your budget allows, brighten up a flat surface area with a wetpour surface that is practical—not muddy—colourful, and on here, you can add several game outlines. Games that are fun but also educational, creative and stimulating. Plus, adding some friendly, fun characters makes playtime more fun.

Introduce Active Play Areas

As much as children just love to run around, introducing stimulating play areas can significantly improve their balance and coordination encouraging logical thinking and the skills of working together with other children. There are several options for active play areas like,

  • Clamber stacks
  • Climbing towers
  • Play frames
  • Climbing walls

How About Sensory, Imaginative & Creative Play Area?

Musical Play Areas In The Playground

Continuing to encourage your students to learn during unstructured play can be achieved by creating areas where children can learn independently or in a group. Maybe for your school, you can create an outdoor musical environment. Playing music can be an emotional and physical outlet. It is not about learning music per se—that is an option for later—it is for the joy and creativity of making their own sounds, which can develop into a lifelong love of music.

Play Panels For In & Around Your New Fun School Playground

Another creative option you can introduce into the playground is play panels. At TSPC, we provide three types of play panels, 

  • Arts and Crafts mounted panels with mounted chalk playboard and giant chalk playboard.
  • Letter and words play panels with a lower case alphabet, an upper and lower case alphabet and a fun, snake alphabet wall panel.
  • Numbers and sums play panels. We have fourteen choices in this category, including,
    • Wall-mounted abacus play panels
    • Count the shapes play panels
    • Number Crunch play panels
    • Time table play panels and combination panels up to x12
    • Number Search play panels
    • Sunflower Sums Play panels

How We At TSPC Can Help you Optimise Your Fun School Playground

Our team at TSPC have considerable experience in assisting schools with creating stimulating, educational and fun playgrounds. At TSPC we pride ourselves on the quality of our equipment and our no cost after-sales service. Contact us to discuss your needs and your budget. Then we can create several ideas for your ideal playground.