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Shops & Counters

Our RolePlay panels Range

Shops and counters are always a playground favourite theme of roleplay panels for children. The School Playground Company’s range provides a backdrop for imaginative and creative activities primary school children love. The fun designs and bright colours allow children to use their imagination at the Bakery, Bank, Fishmonger, Florist, Sweet shop and more.

Imagination is an element of creative play that helps build an understanding of the world, developing by putting yourself into others’ shoes. As a structured class activity or unstructured independent playground ideas for primary school children at break time. Additionally, we recommend integrating outdoor sotage into playground designs for easily accessible when props and costumes. Students can be free to produce their own plays and stories to imaginary or real audiences. 

Schools can set up a whole roleplay town with these panels, giving students the freedom to choose their character and interact organically. Imagination is core to a lot of playground activity. Therefore, these panels aim to inspire imagination and provide a backdrop for adventures and storytelling that children love.

These panels utilize hard-wearing, durable HDPE with multi-coloured plant-on details and a window opening. These vibrant expressions of everyday shops help children learn more about common interactions and understand socialisation.