Play Panels

Letters & Words

Our Literacy Play Range

Have fun with alphabets, words, and phonics with our range of hard-wearing and durable HDPE activity wall literacy play panels. Promote learning among primary school-aged children by introducing fun with letters and words on the playground!

These panels are specialised to provide support for classroom learning by reinforcing key literacy learning. Word recognition, simple spelling and phonics rules, and alphabet learning are crucial elements of early education. they foster a greater understanding of the world by improving all other aspects of learning. So why not embrace literacy on the playground?

Educational play is a unique form of learning that benefits children in a wide variety of ways. Independent learning, self-motivated on the playground, boosts children’s confidence and fosters a greater understanding of their intellectual potential. Ultimately, by making learning fun on the playground, students can become more involved and engaged with their lessons.

These panels utilise hard-wearing and durable HDPE.  Therefore they are perfect for the busy playground where children can often play over-enthusiastically. We can mount these panels to a wall or to posts in any playground to save space. All panels are BS EN 1176 compliant for safe play for primary school children.