8 Halloween Activities for Schools- Playground Games for Primary Schools

Explore creative outdoor Halloween activities for school children to celebrate the holiday in new ways with our suggestions for a fun and frightful time!

1.   Creepy Crafts

To start off the Spooky Season, why not get creative and encourage kids to make their own Halloween decorations with a range of fun and exciting craft activities for all ages?

You can let your students’ imaginations go wild to bring their own spooky spin to decorate your outdoor classrooms, fencing, benches, and planters in unique ways. A few ideas to get you started include:

  • Pumpkin painting- Avoiding the dangers of carving but with the same amount of fun and creativity! With fake or real pre-carved pumpkins, you can turn any space into a Halloween-themed outdoor area!
  • Ghost paper chains- With some white paper and safety scissors make chains of dancing ghosts around your playground
  • Witch hats- Some sturdy cardboard or craft paper and paper plates are all you need for your students to create amazing witch hats.

2.   Spooky Slime

An outdoor messy kitchen is a vital piece of playground furniture that encourages messy play as a unique form of sensory fun. Playing with slime in a designated messy area is great for developing fine motor skills and creativity. Also, add plastic spiders, eyeballs, and spooky Halloween toys to your slime kid adds an extra layer of scary fun!

3.   Horror Hunt

Setting up a scavenger hunt in your school garden or playground is a surefire way to engage kids in curiosity and encourage activity. Let your students run around together to find spooky items across the playground. Toy eyeballs, sweets, and even mini pumpkins can make great items for teams or individuals to hunt for!

This is a very popular Halloween Forest School idea that gives kids an opportunity to dig through nature, engaging with the outdoors in new ways.

4.   Don’t be Scared of Spelling!

Even in outdoor learning sessions, you don’t have to abandon the Halloween theme! Educational play equipment like whiteboards, or literacy play panels can be used to teach spelling rules and learn new vocabulary in a fun spooky way!

Play Hangman games on the board or spell out Halloween words with literacy play panels or other alphabet-learning equipment to teach and to terrify! Our snake outline alphabet hopscotch playground markings are perfect for kids to jump and run around and are suitable for different key stage of learning.

5.   Mayhem with Markings

Playground markings are a great investment for any playground. They allow kids to tell their own stories, practice their numbers and letters, and play tactile games with one another. Get in touch to ask about our customisable storytelling playground markings with spider webs, a giant octopus, and colourful snake designs.

Snake hopscotch rubber play markings

Another option is to get your students to spookify your existing play markings with washable chalk designs. Many of our playground surfacing options are easily washable once November rolls around. So why not let your students go wild with their Halloween ideas for your school playground this year?

6.   Abominable Acting Activities

Get up on your outdoor stage to engage the whole class in different acting and performance games. This creates a new space on the playground for activities during independent play or structured lesson time. Students learn to express themselves by dancing, singing, and acting.

In a Halloween twist on the classic party game charades, each child gets to act out a scary story or iconic horror character. This creative activity helps build confidence and strengthen peer groups in schools while kids are having fun expressing themselves.

7.   Ghostly Games

Get kids active with outdoor Halloween games that use your outdoor sports supplies in new fun Halloween-themed ways. Use a multi-games area for hockey with fake pumpkins, run a relay race with Halloween props, or climb and clamber on your adventure trim trail.

Celebrating Halloween in a fun and active playground is easy with a few Halloween-themed playground toys and craft decorations. This encourages kids to involve themselves in activities they may otherwise avoid, encouraging fitness by adding a bit of spooky fun!

8.   Strange Sensory Spaces

The School Playground Company is a playground equipment supplier that specialises in Sensory Play equipment and bespoke themed spaces. Self-directed play is at its most fun in a space specially designed for self-expression and sensory exploration.

Musical play equipment sets are great for creating spooky sounds with rain sound effects and eerie bells and chimes. With music sets, your students can recreate classic Halloween songs, filling your play space with the Halloween spirit!

Outdoor classrooms can also create a unique space for themed sensory exploration and an excellent space for Halloween activities for school children. Our recent bespoke ‘Hobbit House’ outdoor classroom project has hidden secrets. We constructed a glow-in-the-dark sensory space perfect for a spooky party or exploring new sensations in a safe space!

Celebrate with the School Playground Company!

With our wide range of amazing school playground equipment, your students can have the best Halloween this year. So, why not make the most of your playground with our Halloween Activities for School this year?

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