Gear up for the Olympics with Outdoor Gym Equipment

With the 2024 Paris Olympics approaching this month, interest in sport is on the rise. Watching elite sport stars on television can provide children with new role models and a desire to engage in new sports. Therefore, the School Playground Company Outdoor Gym Equipment allows pupils to explore what they see on television in a safe and observed manner.

With outdoor cross trainers, balance beams, and arm and pedal bikes, this blog outlines some of our fitness equipment and packages on offer. Additionally, we consider how our equipment can and will benefit your school and pupils.

What is an Outdoor Gym?

Outdoor Gyms are an increasingly popular option when providing children with physical development opportunities. Additionally to physical education lessons, the outdoor gym allows children to improve their strength, balance, and co-ordination in their own time. Encouraging friendship, communication, and collaboration, our Outdoor Gyms combine physical and social development, making them the perfect addition to any playground.

active-8 multi-gym outdoor play equipment set for kids
child using single sky stepper equipment

Sky Stepper

Our Sky Stepper is an outdoor cross trainer, similar to but smaller than a gym’s elliptical cross trainer. With forward and reverse movement, children of all fitness levels can develop co-ordination in their own time and with full control. The Sky Stepper allows children to build a foundation of skills and strength needed in other sports, providing a stepping stone for their next sporting passion.

Rower Equipment

With double Olympic champion Helen Glover and brother and sister Tom and Emily Ford making the GB rowing team this summer, children today have an abundance of rowing inspirations.

While rowing can sometimes be an inaccessible sport to practice, our rowing machine provides an easy-to-try alternative. Encouraging cardiovascular exercise, the Rower allows children to control their exercise, choosing between a warm-up and a more intensive workout.

Arm and Pedal Machine

Our Arm and Pedal Machine allows children to develop the cycling motion with their legs while also building arm strength. The machine has no built-in resistance, therefore suited to KS1 and KS2 to support their balance and co-ordination. Also offering a seatless alternative, our machine is adaptable and accessible for wheelchair users.

With Team GB sending its largest recorded cycling team to the Paris Olympics this summer, children will undoubtedly feel inspired to begin developing their cycling mobility.

Balance Beams

Our Balance Beams allow children to explore both their physical, creative, and social development. It is very common for children to play with each other the Balance Beam and create stories with friends.

Similarly to the Sky Stepper, the Balance Beam provides foundational skills for gymnastics and several other sports. With men and women being involved in gymnastics today, the balance beam is perfect for encouraging all children to try out new sports and build foundational skills to help them with other sports.

Horse Rider

Similarly to rowing, horse riding and equestrian can also be inaccessible sports. By providing children with the Horse Rider machine, children can get a feel for the motion of horse riding while also using their imagination to picture themselves somewhere else. The resistance of the child’s body provides a ‘galloping’ experience, providing a full body exercise and challenge.

A child using a horse-rider rowing action equipment from our outdoor gym equipment range

Outdoor Gym Packages

As the Olympics approaches and children and schools become more engaged in a variety of sports, we have several Outdoor Fitness Packages, allowing you to get the most out of your money. We can also provide highly cost effective supply and install options should you choose our outdoor gym package.

From the Performance Package, the Fitness & Fun Package, to the Mini Fitness Package, and Physical & Social Package, we cater our outdoor gym equipment to a range of schools and pupils. For a more detailed description of our Outdoor Gym Equipment, please view our brochure.

Interested in Our Outdoor Gym Equipment?

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