Art and Craft Ideas for Kids: Inspiring Self-Expression Outdoors

Does your school playground lack creativity? The right equipment is your solution to encourage and inspire art and craft ideas for kids of all ages. Students can brighten up their play spaces and outdoor classrooms in unique ways with our top creative play ideas.

Creative play, by definition, involves experiencing fun and art together. Schools can encourage creative play through a variety of methods. The best is to provide the right equipment and settings for creativity that they can use in self-directed play. This helps develop social skills as well as independence, self-expression, and self-knowledge.

Weaving play panel from our arts and crafts activity panel range.

Art Easels and Crafting Panels

Some of our most popular play panels include creative play equipment and sensory elements. Popular panels include our art panels and easels for painting and drawing. However, creativity can go further, exploring new avenues for artistic expression and crafty fun!

Art and crafts activities should expand on typical art lessons to include a range of craft activities that help children develop fine motor skills. Therefore, our play panel range include weaving panels and many different forms of mark-making. Art is important in primary schools as a method to encourage self-expression and improve the confidence of young students. So why not take this further and introduce a greater diversity in ways for children to present their individual creativity?

Chalk Creativity with Playground Markings

Schools should encourage self-directed fun and art creation across the whole playground. Surfaces can become giant chalkboards for school children to explore mark-making and tell imaginative, creative stories.

Play markings are ideal to inspire this kind of creativity further. Children can engage in a variety of different ways with character play markings with animals, people, and more. Students can learn while they play with giant number snakes and playground games with colourful designs.

Adding to the play markings with chalk designs, students can truly make their playgrounds their own. Additionally, our easy-wash surfaces don’t stain and just need a low-pressure hose at the end of the school day. For our full range of playground markings, you can read through our new play marking brochure.

Whiteboard Creations in Classrooms

Our installation teams incorporate art and creativity into the design of our outdoor classrooms with customisable panelling. Schools can select a range of infill panels for gazebo structures, including whiteboards, chalkboards, and other creative panels.

Students and teachers can use these in-built surfaces for mark-making activities during class time or in free time. The outdoor classroom creates a brilliant and different space to break students out of the monotony of working in the classroom. Bringing learning to a new outdoor space can revitalise a class. Additionally, creative play benefits students even more, by introducing a new way to learn.

Teachers can take the lead for educational games on the outdoor whiteboard, or individuals can play together in their spare time, continuing to learn at their own pace. This inspires young children with more tactile and visual learning styles to engage further with learning.

large whiteboard panel installed inside a gazebo

Messy Spaces and Mud Kitchens

Kids can explore constructive play with bespoke mud kitchen spaces. Easy-clean laminated wood surfaces create the perfect space for children to experiment with slime and other messy craft items.

Messy play is best explored outdoors to avoid difficult stains and messes in the classroom. Therefore, we recommend an easy-to-clean space outdoors with non-staining surfaces like rubber mulch or wet pour. You can even display creations outdoors with playground furniture like tables and planters to brighten up your space.

Music set play panels on fence with animal-themed playground markings on play grass

Musical Arts and Performance Spaces

Creativity goes beyond mark-making arts and crafts for kids! Music can help your students express themselves in new ways, working together on a range of playground instruments as part of larger music sets.

Groups of children can create music together with a wide range of tactile musical play panels. These engage children of all ages in sensory play as they enjoy creating music. Children can form bands with variety of instruments and play them for the rest of their class. Additionally, they can combine music with dance with an adjoining stage space designed for kids express themselves.

Does your Playground Provide Space for Art and Craft Ideas and Activities?

Do you need to inspire more creativity in your school playground? Our playground equipment can help. Contact our team with the handy contact form at the top of the page, or give us a call at: 01455 412134.

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