4 Key Features for a New Playground

Playgrounds are an integral part of a child’s educational journey. Play has an essential role in encouraging life skills, creativity and social skills. Long gone are the days of hard, unforgiving, expensive-to-maintain tarmac. Instead, today’s new playground design promotes safe, friendly, children-centric areas where create play is encouraged and supported. 

Safety Features

Skinned knees or broken bones from falling on tarmac or asphalt are not acceptable, not when there are much safer alternatives to lay a playground surface. Today’s modern playground surfaces are durable, safe, easy to maintain, and fun for children to play on. Depending on what the space is for, you can place combinations of these softer, more cushioned surfaces in the playground. Surfaces that include,

  • Artificial grass and grass mats
  • Play sand
  • Bonded rubber mulch
  • Wetpour surfacing

Areas For Lessons & Meals Outside 

Eating together is early social interaction children can enjoy. Providing a place for children to chat or eat their packed lunch together outside encourages interactive life skills and fun. You can use economical and simple benches. Maybe consider adding a canopy or sail shade to add some weather protection.

Taking lessons outside doesn’t have to be an occasional treat. At The School Playground Company, we offer several options to act as an outdoor classroom, these include

  • Gazebos
  • Shepherd’s Huts
  • Yurts
  • Hobbit Houses & dens ( great for imaginative play as well)

Alongside being a great alternative to being taught indoors, all these structures provide bad-weather play areas, reducing the number of indoor breaktimes. They also provide shelter when it’s chilly or a bit damp.

Areas For Creative Play

Creative play is when intelligence is having fun, encouraging creativity and stimulation is what our school playgrounds should be about. Free expression, the opportunity to be themselves and let their imaginations flow, helps nurture a child’s emotional well-being. The range of sensory and creative play equipment available from The School Playground Company includes musical play and play panels that stimulate a child’s imagination in exciting ways.

Areas To Let Off Steam

Children need to let off all that excess energy, and what better than to combine it with fun and imaginative climbing units, activity trails and balancing items. Check out the variety of equipment at TSPC has to offer, including,

  • Trim trails
  • Clamber stacks
  • Climbing towers
  • Play frames
  • Climbing walls

TSPC also provides several sport and fitness options to make sports a lot more fun including,

  • Football & Basketball Goals
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  • Multi-Use Games Areas
  • Sports Surfacing 
  • Daily Mile Tracks

The equipment at TSPC is compliant with BS EN 1176/77 standard and is of the highest specifications. Work with us to design the playground that meets your needs and budget. We can adapt to whatever size of playground you require providing you and the children with an exciting, safe and creative play space. With our 25-years of experience in designing stimulating learning environments, we can help you make the most of your playground space. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.