All Ages Playground Design – Promoting Inclusivity

Today’s modern playgrounds need to offer children an outlet for their energy with physical activity and encourage social interaction, creativity, problem-solving, and contact and interaction with nature. To enable this to happen, you have to create an all-ages playground, with equipment appropriate and accessible to all the children. 

Playgrounds need to engage all your pupils by being inclusive and accessible. They need to be safe to use and ensure that children’s physical, emotional, social and educational needs are catered for. That is why we suggest you not only talk to us, but to the children and the parents. Plus, we recommend that you observe what activity, or not, goes on in your current playground.

Revamping Your School Playground

If you want to plan a new playground or revamp your original one, then come and talk to us. TSPC has over 25 years of experience in developing school playgrounds to meet the needs of the pupils and the school’s budget. Our equipment is varied and can be mixed and matched to suit the ages of the children who will be using the playground. We work with you to design the playground you all want.

First Steps In Developing A Playground

The first thing to consider is the playground surface. Changing the surface can create a visual impact, attractive to children and safe to use. We offer slip-resistant and self-draining surfaces that allow for cold weather play. Then there are the surfaces that help absorb impact, perfect for increasing safe play areas under equipment like climbing frames. 

We can also create sand play areas for nursery school children, where creativity and imagination grow. We can also provide stimulating, educational playground markings to help the younger primary school children extend their numbers, alphabet and words through play. Our fun playground markings are colourful and attractive to nursery school children.

Playground Equipment For Nursery School Children

Safety is an essential component in any playground, but especially with the younger age group, so the materials we make our equipment from is top-quality, long-lasting HDPE. 

Play panels are a popular choice. Bright colours brighten up the playground as the panels stimulate sensory and social interaction. TSPC have a wide range of play panels, including musical, numbers, arts and crafts and letters and words. These can be combined or stand-alone, post or wall-mounted. They do not take up much space and can fit into awkward spaces.

Active Playground Equipment For Children 5-years – 11-years

Our equipment encourages children in individual and group play activities, learning balance, coordination, and developing their social interactions. Our equipement includes,

  • Clamber stacks
  • Climbing towers
  • Climbing walls 
  • Trim trails
  • Play frames
  • Outdoor gym equipment
  • Outdoor gym equipment packages.

Talk to our experienced team about the needs of your school and its pupils. Together we can develop the playground within your budget. We can design our equipment ranges to your specifications, including creating bespoke equipment. You will receive our full attention from selecting the right equipment to qualified DBS-checked installers and comprehensive aftersales service.