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Funding for Your School Playground

As capital budgets get smaller, applying for third party funding for your dream School or Nursery playground project is becoming increasingly important. At The School Playground Company, we have partnered with GD Funding, a specialist funding provider to the education sector. GD Funding have a highly qualified team of bid writers that are able to assist The School Playground Company's clients gain access to a range of funding to help with their playground project.

Click the image opposite to open a new tab to the GD Funding Webpage and reference The School Playground Company when making contact - or click here to contact us about School Playground grants.

We're Here to Help You Apply for Funding

Here at The School Playground Company, our team of experienced professionals are here to help you through the process of applying for funding. Securing funding to help with new School playground equipment can be a roller coaster ride, but you should not be deterred!

Free Advice

The School Playground Company offer a free initial design and consultation service. We take the time to discuss the School's requirements in detail, then survey, measure, design and cost your project so you have a real indication of how far your budget will stretch.

We then enlist the services of our funding partner - GD Funding, who will assess your specific funding application. 

Funding Streams

GD Funding can then start researching those all-important funding streams – remember that funding organisations work regionally and nationally, so we will see what is available in your local area first.

We work alongside you and our funding partner every step of the way to ensure your funding application for your new chosen school playground project has the best chance of success!

GD Funding Webpage

Follow our step by step process to create your perfect playground project

School Playground Funding - What’s the dream?

  • Aim high, it’s always better to have a larger masterplan. Funding may come in smaller chunks over time so prioritise what will deliver the biggest impact. We will help you split your quote for your new playground project into smaller manageable options.

Playground Grants - What’s the need?

  • Remember funders will assess applications based on need. Think about what’s wrong with the current situation and highlight what the funding will help you achieve.

Funding Applications - Who will it benefit?

  • Think about the benefits to the direct users and the overall environment and community. Some funders favour applications that have wider reaching community benefits. Is there any other groups that may use the equipment out of School hours or term time?

Bid Writing for Schools - Who needs to be involved along the way?

  • Funding applications need to be a team effort; the more people you involve, the bigger the momentum. 

Think about:

  • Pupils – School councils are a great source of input
  • Parents & Governors – PTA committee – what skills or connections do they have that could be useful?
  • Staff – Lunchtime supervisors and site supervisors will often have useful and practical feedback
  • Community – external organisations are always keen to support local initiatives

Playground Funding for Schools - What are the practicalities?

  • Do we have the space to achieve what we need?
  • Do we need planning permission?

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Book an appointment online for a free initial design and consultation and one of our experienced team will visit your site at a time that suits you.

We can build you a playground that's right for your school & your pupils needs

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