Play Sand

We are able to supply or supply and lay play specification sand for your school playground. Play sand is extremely popular, especially in Nursery and EYFS playground settings.

Play sand is a tactile play medium and can also be used as an effective safety surfacing around school playground equipment.


Benefits of Play Sand

Playground sand can offer huge stimulation to children as a play medium alone. Mixed with water as part of a sand and water play range is extremely popular in EYFS and Key Stage 1 play spaces. Examples of our most popular designs can be view on our gallery page.

Play sand can be very cost effective when bought in larger amounts and requires only very minimal ground preparation in order to retain the sand – in a sand pit. We are able to build bespoke sand pits to suit any space and budget.

Unlike synthetic surfaces, this product does require daily aftercare in the form of a visual inspection. The School Site Manager may have to continually top up the play sand on a frequent basis (dependant on use)