The Benefits Of Outdoor Gym Equipment

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Gym Equipment?

Children need to blow off steam; we all know this. Otherwise, they become fatigued, bored, restless, naughty, inattentive. The list goes on as many parents and teachers will know. However, avoiding all these troublesome outcomes is easy, especially with outdoor gym equipment and the experience of the School Playground Company.

To help in determining if your school would benefit from installing an outdoor gym, consider what it provides for the children. This includes,

  • Fulfilling part of the NHS recommendation of at least 60 minutes a day of physical activity for every child.
  • Improving overall health
  • Improving motor skills
  • Encouraging communication and social skills
  • Facilitating team building and leadership skills
  • Reducing obesity 
  • Offering an alternative to a sedentary lifestyle in front of a TV or gaming screen

Improving Overall Health

Physical Health

Installing outdoor gym equipment allows you to provide structured PE time in an outdoor environment that allows the kids to improve their Vitamin D intake. It also allows for free-form play that lets them blow off steam. Which in turn encourages them to be more attentive in class and less disruptive. All exercise improves sleep patterns, but this is more so when outside activity occurs.

Using outdoor gym equipment strengthens the skeletal, muscular and cardiovascular systems, improving balance and coordination, especially hand and eye. 

Mental Health & Social Skills

Both structured and free-form play use improves cognitive, physical and social skills. In addition, a child’s overall well-being increases with outdoor activity. They are happier, more content and far less stressed.

The equipment from TSPC encourages kids to work together—in a competitive or non-competitive way. Both facilitate the children communicating and socialising with each other. Children will discover leadership skills and how to work in a team, making friends while doing so. Our outdoor gyms are fun activities that suit all children, even those not into sporting activities like football or basketball. 

While encouraging children to work together, an outdoor gym also allows them to exercise at their own pace, without the demands of some team sports. 

Choosing Your Outdoor Gym Equipment

This depends on several elements, the space available and your budget. Discovering which piece of equipment is suitable can appear a little daunting. That is where we come in. Our experience and expertise are with you from selection to installation. 

At TSPC, we have a wide range of outdoor gym equipment, and we have put together several packages to meet your pupil’s needs. TSPC can also help you put together a mix and match package. We can supply single, and multi-user equipment and all our packages are flexible.

Currently, we offer three outdoor gym packages

  • Primary school exercise package
  • Primary school ‘All-Stars’ package
  • Primary school – “Fitness is Fun’ package

Helping you Discover the Benefits of Outdoor Gym Equipment

Our equipment is of the highest quality, and our team is with you throughout the process – concept to construction and our personal service continues long after installation. We are the company that is with you all the way in producing your playground solution, please contact us with any of your queries.