These Outdoor Gym Equipment Packages have been specially designed by our team of experts to suit the needs of your Primary School space and budget.

It’s no secret that schools must encourage children to take time for outdoor exercise! Therefore outdoor fitness equipment is the way forward for providing primary school children with much needed physical development opportunities.

Our primary school fitness equipment boasts both fun and practicality when it comes to promoting exercise amongst KS1 and KS2 children. Making it the perfect use for your Sports Premium Funding!

As well as providing a fun fitness alternative to regular outdoor play, our outdoor fitness equipment also provides a range of benefits for KS1 and KS2 children. This includes both improved balance, and coordination!

Additionally, our children’s product range excludes strength building equipment. We believe that strength training/ muscle building shouldn’t be for children. We’re all about keeping it fun!

But it doesn’t stop there! Our multi-user pieces also go a long way to encourage friendships, by helping to improve communication through promoting social interaction.

We offer various packages for specialised fitness goals; for example, the Social and Physical package encourages pupil interaction and motivation. However, it’s sometimes preferable to our clients to go down the ‘mix & match’ route, tailoring their own package.

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