Yurts can make a unique setting for an outdoor classroom in your school setting. These traditional Mongolian Yurts offer great value for money against other styles shelter for Schools.

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Yurts as Outdoor Classrooms

These traditional Mongolian yurts are an extremely popular addition to our Outdoor Classroom range. Our yurts are beautifully handcrafted using traditional methods and sizes range from 3.5m diameter up to 10m diameter.

These traditional structures make fantastic outdoor classrooms and gives a real sense of authenticity to the space. Perfectly sized for both small and large groups of children. We can givea dvice on size heating and help with any general ongoing maintenance options too.

All of our Yurts come with a uniquely designed double layer yurt groundsheet. This consists of a waterproof PVC underside, with a 100% canvas top layer, providing a carpet effect for the interior. The groundsheet encompasses the entire yurt base and curves up at the lower wall, tucking up neatly between the canvas and felt section of a Yurt. This provides excellent protection from surface water even in the heaviest of downpours. The curved section also prevents any draughts around the base.

Our Yurt wall height is 1.6m min. height. This is much taller than an average Mongolian Ger wall. Our design allows more standing space to be utilised within. All of our standard yurts come with wall windows situated at 3 -12- 9 o’clock positions. Each window is triple layered. Firstly a mosquito net is sewn in, then a removable clear PVC layer, and finally an insulated roll down cover. All parts are sealed tightly with rot-proof velcro fastenings. Our windows are designed so they do not compromise on the yurts heat efficiency.

For the Yurts insulation and weather protection, we prefer to use a three layer system. It is a tried and tested design. For the outer cover, we have sourced a white 16 oz breathable poly-canvas, which is silicone treated to resist water.We have sold many yurts using this canvas, and find it to be the perfect alternative to more unpredictable wax sealed canvas.It is also very durable and can be spot cleaned. The next layer is a sheep’s wool felt insulation, suitable for year-round use In the UK. Finally, a white polyester inner lining. This lining covers the felt and allows light to reflect around the yurt. We have found that any additional layers, such as sun covers, to be unnecessary in our UK climate.They also inhibit the ability of the yurt to dry out after wet periods.

Whats included?

All of our Yurts come fully installed by our trained site team with:

  • Wooden roof crown solid wooden door;
  • Steamed curved trellis walls and roof panels;
  • Double layer ground sheet;
  • Sheep’s wool felt layer, inner lining, silicone treated poly canvass;
  • Three layer windows with mosquito netting and removable PVC layer;
  • Two roof caps (transparent and a traditional felt lined);
  • Lockable painted wooden door with decorative pattern and handles

Key Skill Development

When our Yurts are used for Outdoor Teaching, they allow children development on all of the 7 key learning areas.

Technical Details

3.5m Diameter – Floor area: 9.62m2;Wall height: 1.50m;Crown height: 2.48m approx

4.2m Diameter – Floor area: 13.80m2;Wall height: 1.60m;Crown height: 2.52m approx.

5m Diameter – Floor area: 19.60m2;Wall height: 1.60m;Crown hieght: 2.75m approx

6m Diameter – Floor area: 28.30m2;Wall height: 1.60m;Crown height: 2.90m approx

7m Diameter – Floor area: 35.20m2;Wall height: 1.60m;Crown height: 3.48m approx

8m Diameter – 50.20m2;Wall height: 1.74m;Crown height: 3.70m

10m Diameter – Floor area: 78.50m2;Wall height:1.90m;Crown height: 4.30m