Outdo-Child-Rower – Rower

A rowing machine is a well known piece of fitness equipment loved by gym goers and home fitness enthusiasts.


Children’s Outdoor Gym Rower

Our Children’s Outdoor Gym Rower has the functionality of a rowing machine plus the added benefit of being in an outdoor environment. The resistance in the unit is created entirely by the child’s own body, which makes this great cardiovascular exercise for children to build up to.

Benefits and Features:

  • Improved co-ordination and flexibility
  • A fun source of cardiovascular exercise
  • The option of gentle warm-up or more of a challenge
  • Complete body workout
  • Our unique “Safety Stop” system


7 Areas of Learning & Development:

Physical Development, Communication & Language, Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Product Code:


Suitable for simultaneous use by up to 1 users below 140cm / 4’7” in height.


1076 x 770 x 1033 mm