Outdo-Child-DBLHe – Double Health Walker

The much loved Double Health Walker allows two users to take part in a light cardiovascular workout together. Children can set their own pace whilst working on their balance and flexibility.


Children’s Outdoor Gym Double Health Walker

Try incorporating this ‘outdoor walking machine’ into lessons or encourage children to let their imaginations run riot, thinking of the way that robots walk!

Benefits and Features:

  • The chance to go at their own pace
  • Improved balance and flexibility.
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Social interaction
  • Our unique “safety stop” system


7 Areas of Learning & Development:

Physical Development, Communication & Language, Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Product Code:


Suitable for simultaneous use by up to 2 users below 140cm / 4’7” in height.


1177 x 615 x 2017 mm